million years
of Earth’s history
in an area of
1300 km²

The Land of Extinct Volcanoes - a lot of goings-on!

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The Land of Extinct Volcanoes is:

an area of approximately 1300 km2 (covering 14 communes) developing based on unique geological heritage, rich history, and the activity of the residents

Geological paradise,

which attracts geologists
and mineral enthusiasts
from all over the world

Fascinating nature,

hundreds of picturesque views and mysterious places

Kraina Wygasłych Wulkanów

Amazing people,

who willingly share their passion, show hospitality, inspire and teach.

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The Land of Extinct Volcanoes:

Sudetic Geoscience Centre

It is the Centre for Earth Education and also an information point for the Geopark. Here you can learn and understand the secrets of our planet and plan further trips. Here we also conduct workshops, organize conferences, and training sessions.

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