Kaczawskie Single Tracks

Single tracks, one-directional cycling tracks, become more and more popular in various regions. Tracks are prepared in such a way so as to enable even beginners to use them. Some of them are also suitable for kids. The views will suit the tastes of the most demanding tourists.

In the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills, you have 5 tracks at your disposal (for now, there will be more in the upcoming years!). In each sector, the tracks are built in the form of a loop so as to make it easy for you to come back to the starting point . Each sector has its own dedicated car park, information boards and viewing points. If you want to get to another sector, you need to travel by car.

70 km

single track type routes

easy and moderately difficult

routes for various levels of advancement

5 car parks

free and with good infrastructure

3 observation towers

the best views in the neighbourhood

Location of trails

Kaczawskie Single Tracki on Trailforks.com

Learn more about routes

Weather in the neighbourhood

Project partners

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information sources: Świerzawa Commune, Pielgrzymka Commune, Wojcieszów Commune
source of photos: Świerzawa Commune,
maps: Jelkart

The sport and tourist attraction was created within the Project “Protection of ecologically valuable areas in the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills through the construction of alternative cycling paths and routes” realised by Świerzawa Commune, Wojcieszów Commune, Pielgrzymka Commune and Złotoryja Forest District.

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