Visual identification of the Geopark

What it is?

Visual identification is a set of graphic elements, colors, symbols, and fonts that make the Geopark a recognizable brand. Promotional materials of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes Geopark should be created in this specific visual style so that it’s immediately clear to the audience which region it represents!

What it consists of?

Our identification consists of four key elements:

  1. Logotype
  2. Colour
  3. Illustrative elements
  4. Typography

To ensure that the project is cohesive and professional, all of these elements must be used without exception. They are described and available for download below.

How was it created?

The identification was created in cooperation with the DINKSY graphic studio from Cieszyn. The basis for preparing the identification were two-day workshops with the residents of the region.

Here you can see an introductory presentation into the new world of our Geopark’s identification.

Identification elements

The Mark Book defines the graphic elements that identify the Geopark. It contains detailed information about the logotype, colours, typography, illustrative elements, and the rules for their use.

1. Logotype

Logotype is a symbol of a Geopark. It consists of a graphic symbol (logo) and text (typography).

The Geopark Logotype occurs in the following variants:
1. With Polish or English name
2. In the bilingual version
3. As a symbol without text – for use in small forms where text wouldn’t be legible (e.g. on a pen).

Colour scheme of the logo:
Colourful – in the basic version
2. Colourful – in eight complementary versions
3. Monochromatic – in one of the approved colours, in black, or in white (on a dark/colourful background)

2. Colour scheme

In Geopark’s identification, a specific colour scheme should be used. The following options are available to choose from:
basic– the colors included in the primary logo version (commonly used, including on this website)
alternative – eight sets of colours in which the logo and illustrative elements may appear

3. Illustrative elements

Illustrative elements should appear around text and images in promotional materials:
“stones” – figures in the applied colour scheme
“ilustrations” – linear drawings of elements characteristic of the region

4. Typography (fonts)

In Geopark materials, we use two typefaces (fonts).
Manier – only for headlines, highlighted information.
Neue Einstellung – for longer blocks of text.

In online applications, it’s possible to use the Poppins font.

How to use the mark book?

We have been using the visual identitification since 2019 in all materials promoting our Geopark. These can be printed materials (brochures, posters), field signs, gadgets, and online graphics.

Below are the results of an audit conducted by designers, in which the strengths and weaknesses of the existing solutions were listed. It serves as a valuable educational and reference material.


Here you will find templates that will make it easier for you to create educational boards, presentations, gadgets, or other materials in the visual identification of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes Geopark.

Poster A4 (tło – .png) (CANVA)

Poster A3 (tło -.png) (CANVA)

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