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Who we are

The Kaczawskie Association (Stowarzyszenie Kaczawskie) is responsible for implementing the Geopark concept in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes area and managing it. It works towards the promotion and sustainable development of the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills. It is a non-profit organization. It closely collaborates with the “Local Action Group Kaczawskie Partnership,” responsible for implementing the LEADER Program in the region.

The Association’s goal is to build a lasting, collaborative partnership between individuals, institutions, organisations, and businesses. The Association is involved in promoting sustainable tourism and local production (handicrafts and food products), initiatives focused on environmental education and environmental protection, and the socio-economic development of rural areas.

The Association also operates an educational centre – Sudetic Geoscience Centre. The main mission of the facility is to popularise Earth sciences and promote knowledge about the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills.

More information about the Kaczawskie Association

Types of cooperation

Below, we have prepared our collaboration proposals for the scientific and academic community.

Terms of cooperation

The Kaczawskie Association is interested in collaborating with scientific institutions in the context of research and applied-implementation projects:

  • As a non-governmental organisation, the Association can apply for various implementation grants, especially in the field of natural education, sustainable tourism promotion, and rural development.
  • The Association can also participate as a partner in projects of scientific institutions, facilitating social research or the implementation of solutions proposed by the scientific institution in the areas of social development of rural areas, tourism development (especially geo-tourism), non-formal education, and the popularization of Earth sciences

Proposals for cooperation projects

Educational and outreach programs:

Proposed topics/issues:

  • promotion of Earth sciences through open lectures, laboratories, workshops, and field workshops for various age groups

Contribution of the Kaczawskie Association:

  • experienced staff (geologists, geographers, biologists) in designing, organising, and conducting educational programs
  • providing access to the educational center, its facilities, equipment, and resources
  • providing access to the collected database of publications containing natural educational programs
  • recruiting project participants

University’s contribution:

  • academic staff co-creating the educational program and ensuring the correctness of the content presented
  • employees/students/volunteers involved in preparing and conducting educational activities

Collaboration in the creation of scientific and popular science publications:

Proposed topics/issues:

  • the geodiversity and biodiversity of the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills
  • natural education, especially geo-education
  • sustainable tourism, educational tourism, and geotourism
  • tourism clusters and local collaboration networks in the creation of a common regional tourism offering
  • the Smart Village concept, new technologies in public services,
  • social phenomena in rural areas

Contribution of the Kaczawskie Association:

  • providing available statistics on the number of tourists and their geographical origin;
  • sharing the accumulated knowledge and experiences in the clustering of local tourism services;
  • intermediation in contacts with individuals, organizations, and institutions in the region;
  • assistance in obtaining survey data;
  • access to the collected publications regarding the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills region, natural education programs, and more;
  • experience in conducting natural education,
  • promotion of the project in the region.

University’s contribution:

  • academic staff creating/co-creating publications and ensuring the correctness of the presented content;
  • providing reviews;
  • publishing prepared materials or their elements in our own publications;
  • pursuing publication in scientific and popular science journals.

Developing innovative tools for education, the popularization of Earth sciences, and tourism:

Proposed topics/issues:

  • creating and sharing databases of geological resources in the region;
  • creating programs and applications to facilitate tourists’ movement around the region, especially in the context of geotourism attractions;
  • creating interactive models, mock-ups, computer simulations, and digital visualizations depicting geological phenomena;
  • creating educational games (digital games, board games, mixed games).

Contribution of the Kaczawskie Association:

  • educators with education in geology, geography, and experience in educational work with various audiences;
  • providing access to available data on the geological resources of the region
  • assistance in prototyping projects and gathering user feedback
  • providing equipment and facilities for project sharing
  • opportunities for acquiring grants for the implementation and finalization of projects

University’s contribution:

  • collecting and processing data, creating databases;
  • preparing prototypes;
  • analyzing feedback and addressing errors;
  • transferring a portion of copyright/rights of use for the designed solutions.

Research on tourism traffic:

Proposed topics/issues:

  • assessing the tourist attractiveness of the region (accessibility of attractions, diversity of offerings, etc.) among tourists
  • ways in which tourists spend their time

Contribution of the Kaczawskie Association:

  • providing available statistics on the number of tourists and their geographical origin;
  • data collection – surveys among visiting tourists

University’s contribution:

  • designing and conducting research;
  • preparing questionnaires;
  • supervising research;
  • compiling statistics and analyzing results;
  • publishing results in our own and external journals.

Social research related to rural areas:

Proposed topics/issues:

  • local residents’ perception of local tourism traffic and its intensity;
  • the community’s perception of different directions for rural development (e.g., extractive industry vs. tourism);
  • awareness of the local tourist brand among residents;
  • demographic studies, regional economic development, and improving residents’ living conditions;
  • the Smart Village concept and new technologies in public services.

Contribution of the Kaczawskie Association:

  • assistance in data collection: using our own promotion channels to distribute surveys;
  • sharing knowledge and experience, as well as contacts to individuals for conducting interviews and relevant local institutions.

University’s contribution

  • designing and conducting research;
  • preparing questionnaires;
  • supervising research;
  • compiling statistics and analyzing results;
  • publication of results in the university’s own and external journals

The Kaczawskie Association can assist in preparing bachelor’s, engineering, and master’s theses by:

  • providing access to collected statistics (number and geographical as well as age statistics of visitors)
  • providing access to the area, its maps, and plans for project development
  • assistance from educational staff in consulting on the development of educational programs or projects/prototypes of educational devices
  • Providing access (for on-site viewing) to collected publications on natural education, geo-education, geotourism, and knowledge about the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills region

Preferred fields/disciplines of theses:

  • geology/geography, especially topics related to the popularization of science and education
  • tourism, especially geotourism
  • education/pedagogy, especially in the area of innovative teaching aids and educational programs
  • landscape architecture and horticulture
  • rural studies and agritourism,
  • computer science, especially geo-informatics.

Types of cooperation/joint projects:

  • creating and designing educational and popular science publications (books, brochures, publications for children, games, educational board games, outdoor educational boards)
  • creating educational programs (lesson plans for stationary and field activities, outdoor games, mobile applications, etc.)
  • creating and prototyping educational devices (mock-ups, models)

We accept students for internship/volunteer programs or internships conducted by universities.

activities performed during the internship/volunteer work (to be agreed upon with the internship/practice program and depending on the field of study and the student’s predisposition):

  • participation in the creation of educational programs for children and youth to popularize Earth sciences
  • conducting educational classes in the field of geology/geography
  • assistance in tourist service and reception management
  • assistance in tasks related to the current projects of the Association, especially in the context of the creation of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes Geopark
  • assistance in organising educational events
  • gardening and land management work, garden and orchard care
  • basic office tasks

preferred fields of study:

  • geology, geography, natural sciences
  • tourism
  • gardening/landscape architecture

practical topics:

  • the internship/volunteer work should be carried out based on an agreement with the university, following the requirements of internship programs/practice programs in a specific field/university
  • The Association provides a supervisor during the internship, overseeing the work being carried out
  • The Association does not provide funding for intern stipends or accommodation, meals, or transportation to the internship location

We welcome study visits of student groups, including as part of field classes and practical training in the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills and in the Sudetic Geoscience Centre.

Themes of visits:

  • the geodiversity of the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills region;
  • geotourism in the region;
  • innovative educational programs, especially in the field of geo-education
  • tourism clusters and local networks of cooperation among service providers in the tourism industry
  • architecture: the adaptation of historic rural buildings
  • bottom-up initiatives influencing regional development

Specific conditions, duration, timing, and the meeting’s theme to be agreed upon.

The Kaczawskie Association can assist in organising meetings/conferences by providing a fully equipped conference room (up to 80 seats) and, if necessary, other spaces in the Sudetic Geoscience Centre. This applies to non-commercial scientific/educational/popular science meetings or lectures related to the activities of the Association.

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