Become Explorer of the Land of the Extinct Volcanoes!

How? Watch a film:

1. Get your passport

Children will receive it for free at the Sudetic Geoscience Centre, in guesthouses and restaurants in the Kraina Wygasłych Wulkanów region, as well as by participating in workshops.

Paszport Odkrywcy Krainy Wygas
Pieczątki w Paszporcie Odkrywcy

2. Collect stamps

Stamps inside the passport can be obtained for participating in workshops, as well as for staying at certain guesthouses and dining in local restaurants.

Workshops where you can get a stamp

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Other places where you can get a stamp

3. Collect stickers

You will receive stickers for visiting interesting places in the Geopark – former volcanoes and other geosites, as well as historical landmarks. Where it’s not possible to get a sticker on-site (e.g., at the top of a mountain), take a souvenir photo. At the Sudetic Geoscience Centre you’ll receive a sticker for these places.

Visit these places to get stickers!

Former volcanoes

Recommended geosites

4. You deserve a medal!

Prizes await those who collect a sufficient number of stamps and stickers: medals for Explorers of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes, crafted by local artists, available in bronze (wooden), silver, and gold (ceramic). You’ll receive your medal at the Sudetic Geoscience Centre.

The rules of the game (regulations)

  1. You’ll receive a booklet – the Explorer’s Passport – for free at any place participating in the game. The game is for kids 🙂
  2. Stamps are placed in the passport for participating in workshops. You can also get a stamp at guesthouses and restaurants.
  3. Stickers can be obtained for visiting former volcanoes, other geosites, as well as historical landmarks. If there’s no one available to provide you with a sticker at a particular location (e.g., mountain peaks), don’t worry! Take a souvenir photo and then show it at the Sudetic Geoscience Centre, and we’ll provide you with the missing stickers.
  4. For a specific number of stickers and stamps, you’ll receive a certificate as an Explorer of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes and a commemorative medal crafted by local artisans (made of wood or ceramic). Criteria are as follows:
    • for a bronze medal: 5 different stamps and 3 stickers
    • for a silver medal: 7 different stamps and 5 stickers
    • for a gold medal: 10 different stamps and 7 stickers
  5. Medals and diplomas can be collected at the Sudetic Geoscience Centre in Dobków.
  6. Your passport is valid indefinitely. Remember to bring it with you the next time you visit us!
  7. Note: the game promotes the Kraina Wygasłych Wulkanów region, so stamps from other regions (e.g., Karkonosze Mountains) will not count as points for rewards.

Do you want your place to be featured in the Explorer's Passport?

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